Slushee Products


At Slushee Chilled Out we take great pride in providing the greatest tasting products and innovative equipment and solutions for our stockists.

6 flavoursAvailable in six classic Slushee flavours, Strawberry, Raspberry, Lemon & Lime, Cola, Orange and Blackcurrant, Slushee is by far the most popular product in it’s class.

cup sizesSlushee branded cups are available in four different sizes. 7oz, 12oz, 16oz and 22oz.?Lids are also available.?Also available are our slushee fruit juices, 100% fruit slush syrup contains no added sugar or sweeteners.

flavoursOver a period of years our expert team has field tested equipment from all of the major manufacturers. We have established which is the best and most reliable equipment. Our evaluations are ongoing.

frozen cocktail machinesBar mixes are also available including Mocha and Strawberry Daiquiri.

We have a wide range of equipment available to suit all market conditions. The Slushee customized model illustrated here is the Frosty Dream 2.2.

single bowl compactSlushee Machines are supplied on free loan to suitable locations*
All Frosty Dream model Slushee Dispensers are 22 inches (550mm) deep and 31 inches (870mm) in height.

free loanA Single-head machine is 8 inches (200mm) wide.
A double-head machine is 16 inches (400mm) wide
A triple head machine is 24 inches ( 600mm ) wide

Slushee Machines are supplied on free loan to suitable locations